Claire's collections began when she lived in Yunnan's capital city, Kunming, known as Spring City and famous for its flowers which bloom all year round.  She was captivated by red sea bamboo roses and freshwater pearls which she sourced in vast jewellery markets in South China.

Back home in London, Claire continued her creative journey, working from Flux Studios in Vanguard Court, Camberwell.

She explored ways to set pearl and sea bamboo flowers using techniques learned from top silversmiths. 

The first collections became the Yunnan, Rose and Butterfly Spring Collections.

In 2016 Claire left London and returned to her hometown of Belfast where she set up her own studio in the peaceful surroundings of the North Down countryside in Northern Ireland.

Finding new inspiration in Belfast, she is refining and merging her themes of sculpted organic forms with a subtle fusion of cultures and techniques learned from living in London and China.